The Truth About Carl Byington

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Carl Byington

Carl Byington wants the world to believe he is an inspiration.

Why dont you ask Carl how he has inspired and supported his own children?

Lets start with his f’irst son, that he ouright abandoned at birth and weaseled his way out of paying child support after a few years.

His second two sons he nearly orphaned pursuing his own selfish hobbies. Instead of using falling off the mountain as a wake up call, he used it as an excuse to be even more of an absentee father than before, leaving his family and responsibilities behind to travel the world. He also weaseled his way out of his court ordered responsiblity to pay child support again.

His last son, he never acknowledged nor has he ever paid child support. The child is also disabled! Again, he simply can’t be bothered by being a father! He would rather met you for a drink and tell you his "inspiring" story all while leaving out the fact that he abandons his own children.

In addition, he is a womanizer that uses and manipulates any woman he encounters. If his charms don’t work on you, never fear he will still make his advances known in the form of sexual harassment, assault and even rape! Just ask his former colleagues at Sirkorsky!

Rape Report

The simple truth is Carl Byington loves Carl Byington. He's nothing more then a deadbeat dad and the biggest narcissist you will ever met. All he wants to do is talk about his fall off the mountain. The world would have been a better place if he fell face first into that rock instead.

You can generally find this sorry excuse for a man lurking on the web, especially social media. In case you would like to proactively block him, (and we suggest you do!) click the links below to join the #ExposeCarlByington movement.

Carl Byington LinkedIn Carl Byington Instagram Carl Byington Facebook Carl Byington Wordpress

If you hate lies and abuse as much as we do, please boycott and voice your complaints to the following organizations for supporting an abuser of women and children and not telling the real story. #FakeNewsCarlByington

We also suggest you do not do business with Carl or anyone other business that has anything to do with him. Here is his company, PHM Designs, LLC (Contact Info) and known associated businesses, PavCon, LLC (Contact Info) and SJ Technologies (Contact Info).

The Truth is Carl Byington ruins lives.

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